Privacy Policy

Customer privacy is a crucial aspect of our business. And we are very much cautious about that. Here at CaliBorn, we have designed and formed our Privacy Policy for protecting and making the best use of every customer detail that clients voluntarily provide us. We request you to go through the policy carefully before you provide any particular data on our website regarding yourself.

For making our services more customized and customer-friendly, we require several details from you. You can provide those details by filling up the form. The privacy policy will depict how we use, maintain, protect those details for improving our services.

The details we need from the customers

We do not use cookies. We gather several details that help us to understand the specific requirements of the customers. The details are provided freely by the clients. And we only use that for the improvement of the service. Here are the details that we require:

  • Name of the client
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email address

These will help us inform our clients about the status and the service. However, we won’t use these details for any promotional purpose under any condition.

How we use, maintain and protect the details

We are highly sincere regarding the details you provide us. We know that the details may comprise the banking details too. Therefore, we follow strict precautionary measures for protecting the details.

Only sincere executives will have access to all these details. And, we won’t share those details with any third party or other promotional sources under any circumstances. We involve a third party only when it is about the delivery of the ordered products. We store the details in our safe database. And we scan this with antivirus for preventing malware attacks.

Our Mission

Make sustainable fashion accessible for urban communities.

Our Vision

Create positive change through brand visuals and content.

Our Focus

Inspiring a culture Individual expression and disruption.

We Value

Inspiring a culture Individual expression and disruption.

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