Our Masks

Our concern for you in this critical period can be seen in our display of superior-quality face masks.Made out of cotton mostly,these masks have three layers.We have the best masks for you and they come in a lot of styles.Some of our lot include non rebreather masks,allergy resistant masks,pollution masks,ski face masks and party masks.At moderate prices,these masks are available at our Caliborn store in PPhiladelphia PA.
Step outdoors but with protection.Gear up yourself with our face masks,designed for you safety.

Our Best Selling Products

Women’s Urban Clothing

One of the hallmarks of the urban lifestyle is marked by the urban trends in clothing.Styles are daily getting modified and in our Caliborn store,we have a vast range of updated and modern fashion wear for women.The stunning designs will make your jaws drop and the versatility of the range is bound to please you.Halter tops,tank tops,gowns,dresses,skater dresses,graphic tees and what not can be found here!The clock is ticking fast and time is running out so,don’t miss out our popular labels.
Get hold of our collection of women’s wear at considerable rates in no time.The range is huge and the styles are just amazing!


Hats add to the complete get up of a person.Among the hat stores near you,ours has a wide variety of hats.Check out our latest collection of fitted hats,custom embroidered hats,cool hats,straw hats,Snapback,dad hats,sun hats and many more.Also,we have a separate stock of women’s hats in various patterns and colours.
Do purchase our hats online.Satisfaction ensured,as you complete your look with a matching hat.

Our jewellery

Ornaments add to the finishing touch of a stylized look.Not only limited to women these days,all of us love jewellery.Fashinable men sport their outfits with jewellery at times to complete the look.We have a beautiful collection of jewellery online at The Caliborn store in Philadelphia PA,comprising of necklaces,earrings,rings,pendants,danglers and sorts of junk jewellery as well.The shine of diamond,gold,silver,ruby and other precious gems will positively make your eyes shine.
It is absolutely necessary for all you fashionistas to check out our jewellery collection.The prices are comparatively lower and unique pieces are there as well.Rock up your style for a chic appearance with our jewellery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products refundable?

Yes,our items can be returned within 30 days.The entire money will be returned to you.So,buy without any hesitation.However,chances are slim of return because we assure quality.

Is there a limit to how many products I can purchase at once?

There is no limit but in case of more than 20 products,you need to add to a new cart.Buy as much as you want,unlimited!

Are delivery charges free?

Delivery charges are free for most products.They are fully free the first time you buy.At times,small amounts need to be paid but they are mostly free.

How quick will I receive the things I buy?

Usually,we ensure you get your package as quickly as possible,within two or three days.We have a name for instant deliveries.So,no worry with that.