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There’s been a huge transformation in the fashion sense of human beings. Along with time, people’s perception and taste of clothing have changed, and so is their attire.Calibornbrings you the best collection of fashionable and comfortable attire that helps you carry your own unique identity.

Sport your own color

Human minds are colorful and now express your favorite color through your clothing. Most people prefer to wear fashionable and comfortable clothes.We combine both these attributes with another quality feature that is the color. Yes, we have plenty of color options available and you can also ask for custom color clothes. Whatever your favorite clothes are, now get them in your favorite color as well.

Creative and Inspiring

You probably have never imagined that your clothes can be inspiring too. Here, at Caliborn, we have made that possible. CaliBorn Apparel is a 100% black-owned business established in Southern California. We basically provide apparels that are essential for everyday use and that’s how we try to inspire others through our creativity. We offer an exceptional combination of freedom, culture and creativity.

Our Vision and Focus

Caliborn is dedicated to bring positive changes through fashionable apparels. Our mission is to spread the message through our collection that fashionable apparels can also be soft, lightweight,comfortable and unique of course. We also want to make shopping really convenient for everyone in Maywood, California. Just visit us and explore the large collection of trendy outfits.

Best Clothing Collection in California

Since long back, experiments with fashionable clothing apparels has been going on. We are just trying to take that to the next level. Calibornhas been able to establish a unique identity with a classy collection of everyday essential clothes. Our company is 100% black-owned and we are based in California. If you are searching for the best quality urban clothes in Maywood, California, Caliborn is just the right place for you. Here you will explore best quality, lightweight, and trendy clothes that let you draw the attention.

There are numerous clothing stores in California for sure, but our exclusive urban collections make us unique in this city. Our goal is to reach as many as possible people with our unique urban clothing collections. These are colorful, soft and trendy. Unique messages are written on the T-shirts for both men and women. These apparels certainly add to your personality and the best part is that, you feel really comfortable from inside. So, get ready for a classy change in your fashion.

We Focus on Inspiring People to Adapt Urban Fashion

Fashion is no longer a domain that is only accessed by the celebs or it is not something that we watch on the screen anymore. People from all domains and all age group have become a part of it in a very strong way. We at CaliBorn Apparel, believe that fashion is for everyone. And keeping that in mind, we tend to design our clothes and other products. Our focus has always been to inspire a culture about fashion and how convincingly it can be accessed in the modern era of internet.

We have given a great importance to creativity at CaliBorn Apparel. All our products define a touch of creativity and this is what is loved by the people. We value the taste of our consumers and work tirelessly to improve our products that can match up to the expectations of them in all manners. Along with the style and creative part, we are very serious about the quality as well. We make it certain to blend cotton with our products so that it feels soft to the skin.

CaliBorn Apparel provides service all over Maywood

Looking beautiful, gorgeous and smart has a lot to do with what you wear. If your clothing and apparels compliment your style statement, then you can be certain to look the way you want. And this fact establishes the importance of choosing the right clothing and apparel. You can certainly find a lot of names around you but if your preference is a brand that cares about human connection and a style quotient that defines urban culture, CaliBorn Apparel is the option for you. Along with many other parts of the USA, they offer their service in Maywood.

Maywoodis a city in Los Angeles county, with a population of 27,298according to the 2018 census.The city zip codesare90270 and others. It’s amazing to see the huge demand of urban clothing in this city. And flawless access to the internet has made even the normal people, a lot more aware about fashion trends. Hence satisfying the people with their requirements is a big challenge for us. And at CaliBorn Apparel we have not only accepted the challenge; we have lived up to that as well. Today, people from all age group rely on our brand of clothing and apparels when it comes to giving wings to their style statement. You can have our products from River Front Park or Pixley Park or Pine Avenue Park; from wherever you want.

Provide a Brand-new Statement to Your Style

We often want to give a definite statement to our style, but this doesn’t happen so easily and the key reason behind this is the lack of proper clothing and apparel. But now you don’t have to worry since CaliBornApprel is here at your service. We at CaliBornApprel, make it a point to celebrate the life, culture, color and creativity with our offerings. We try to live up to the expectations of the consumers. You can browse through a wide range of collections of men’s and women’s clothing that are colourful, soft, lightweight and very bright. You can select as per your requirement and taste.

We stated our journey with a modest set up and now after many years, we are considered as one of the finest brands when it comes to modern fashion. We have sincerely maintained our quality and creativity over the years. We have never compromised in these two aspects. And today, we are available all over the USA. We have broken the standard concept that fashion and style cannot be comfortable. We have successfully blend fashion and comfort and this is being praised by users from all walks of life. If you too want to upgrade your style quotient, the number to dial is (877) 292-3552.


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Wide Variety of Clothes

If you are crazy for fashionable clothes, this is your place! We offer you a large variety of clothes that includes; sweaters, t-shirts, joggers, tops and many more. These best quality clothes are colorful and you will love wearing them for different purposes.

Unique and Comfortable

If you are looking for some comfortable and fashionable collections, you are at the right place. Here at Caliborn, you will find soft and comfortable clothes for both men and women and most importantly, these clothes are unique. Collect your items now.

Wear Your Identity

Your clothes are your unique identity! Caliborninspires a sustainable fashion culture that let you express yourselves. Carry your own message and color on your clothes. We are trying to make our fashion accessible to large number of urban communities.

Our Mission

Make sustainable fashion accessible for urban communities.

Our Vision

Create positive change through brand visuals and content.

Our Focus

Inspiring a culture Individual expression and disruption.

We Value

Inspiring a culture Individual expression and disruption.

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